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Logging users out of their Keycloak session

Earlier posts introduced using Keycloak for authentication, and registering new users. This post discusses how to log users out of their Keycloak session, instead of ending only their application session.

Keycloak, and the mozilla-django-oidc library allow you to log a user out of their session. For this we use another OpenID Connect (OIDC) endpoint.

Earlier versions of Keycloak supported a redirectURI parameter, but since Keycloak 18 this is deprecated. The redirectURI parameter has been removed in Keycloak 19 and the Keycloak logout page will display an Invalid parameter: redirect_uri error. Instead we need to set two parameters:

  • post_logout_redirect_uri to where we would like to redirect the user; and,
  • id_token_hint to the OIDC ID token issued when the user authenticated.

We need to update to include the OIDC logout endpoint. We also need to tell mozilla-django-oidc to store the OIDC ID_TOKEN and the name of the function that will build our logout URL.

# app/

# Your OIDC server

# Your OIDC realm
OIDC_REALM = "realm-name"

# Store the OIDC id_token for use with logout URL method

# URL for logout
OIDC_OP_LOGOUT_ENDPOINT = f"{OIDC_HOST}/realms/{OIDC_REALM}/protocol/openid-connect/logout"

# Specify the method responsible for building the OIDC logout URL
OIDC_OP_LOGOUT_URL_METHOD = 'app.auth.provider_logout'

We then need to implement the OIDC_OP_LOGOUT_URL_METHOD as shown below. You may wish to use urllib.parse.urlparse and urllib.parse.urlunparse to build the registration_url.

# app/

def provider_logout(request):
    """ Create the user's OIDC logout URL."""
    # User must confirm logout request with the default logout URL
    # and is not redirected.
    logout_url = settings.OIDC_OP_LOGOUT_ENDPOINT

    # If we have the oidc_id_token, we can automatically redirect
    # the user back to the application.
    oidc_id_token = request.session.get('oidc_id_token', None)
    if oidc_id_token:
        logout_url = (
            + "?"
            + urlencode(
                    "id_token_hint": oidc_id_token,
                    "post_logout_redirect_uri": request.build_absolute_uri(

    return logout_url